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edm's Journal

Ewen McNeill
"Just another LiveJournal user." -- with apologies to the various "Just Another Perl Hacker" signatures.

I only use this LJ account for reading "Interesting People" who have journals on LJ and/or syndicated onto LJ, through my "friends" page. If you're reading this because I "friended" you and you're wondering what it means, and whether you "have" to friend me back you might like to know that I "friend" anyone that I spot who writes things I consider interesting, so I can easily find other interesting stuff they might write. If I friended you it probably means you wrote something interesting. If I unfriend you it probably just means I'm running out of time, and want less to read.

You're welcome to friend me back if you wish, or want me to see your private posts, or feel that the balance of universal karma requires it. But I'm not really fussed. And since I don't post to my LJ you'll not get to see anything special by doing so.

I do have a blog which is syndicated onto LJ as ewen_mcneill which you can friend if you want to see my postings.


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